The SPIN Programm

The government has entrusted the CNRS and the CEA with the responsibility of leading the SPIN Research Program, operated by the ANR. With a budget of 38 million euros over eight years, the SPIN Research Program aims to address specific scientific challenges. The program collaborates closely with the national community of public research, benefiting from the support of university partners.

The growth of the ‘digital world’ has an environmental cost that can no longer be ignored. Projections show that by 2030, it will account for 20 to 30% of global electricity consumption. We need to rethink our priorities to aim for real conceptual breakthroughs. One of them is to position frugality as a performance criterion

One solution that we propose: spintronics.
Fundamentally ‘richer’ than classical electronics, it has already ‘revolutionized’ certain fields such as data storage and sensors. Today, new perspectives are emerging, offering opportunities for the development of new devices that are both high-performing, energy-efficient, and reconfigurable

Therefore, the SPIN Research Program aims to support this new cycle of innovations through emerging and promising themes. In the context of a return to mastery of technological dependence in France and the European Union, spintronics has the ability to generate intellectual property and to support the major societal industrial renewal

The missions

The actions